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About Us - The Best Game Site

Let’s Have Some Fun

Everyone needs some time off and break away from his or her normal routine. If you are one of them who enjoy playing online games, read some interesting reviews and news, then you may want to hang out here.

The Best Game Site (aka TBGS) is constantly optimized to bring the excitement and entertaining free online games to you. Unlike other conventional game sites where the games are cluttered and tough to navigate, you are going to see a neat, clean and organized games for your convenience. The content is designed to give the most comfortable viewing resolution on multiple devices; from desktop to laptop to tablet and mobile.

Go and play our free online games in full screen.

Got some time to stick around?

Good! Your presence is important to me and I hope I can serve you better each time you are here. Although the games are free to play, do not take them lightly. I assured you that it will be challenging, exciting and nerve-racking. Yes, it will drive you crazy sometimes. Most importantly, they are all free to play!

I want to remind you that I may receive commissions when you click links and make purchases. This includes the advertising banners that you may see on this website. This does not impact your gaming experience and the quality of the website. The money will be used to operate this website; development, maintenance and content creation. I will try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Got questions or feedback?

I welcome all constructive comments, feedback and smart questions. I’m in the business of killing time. So it is my honour to serve the best that I could so that you enjoy your time here.

So, reach out via email at hello.tbgs@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you.