Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny was a very popular multiplayer shooter that managed to revolutionize the way people play shooters all the time. That being said, Destiny 2 wants to improve many of the mishaps that the first title had, and it manages to do that most of the time.

The story is focused on the Cabal, which this time have infiltrated the Last city and which stripped all Guardians of their light. You are trying to get your light back as well as eliminate the Cabal forces. The story is pretty immersive and interesting, it always brings you new missions to explore and at the same time it doesn’t feel forced. The story will last around 8-12 hours, depending on how you play. That being said, it can be a great introduction to the entire experience, and it does allow you to understand how the mechanics work, etc.

You also get to level up your character to level 20, which is necessary to enter the multiplayer experience. There are some new modes and changes to the old ones, but the idea here is that Destiny 2 has a good multiplayer that’s as fun as ever. They have cooperative as well as competitive missions. The cooperative missions are great since they allow you to play with friends without that much of a problem. Strikes are great too since here you have various battles and challenges that will give you the ability to get new loot, all while engaging some new enemies along the way.

Strikes are a blast to play, but if you want something more immersive you will also get into Raids. This is the heart and soul of the game for a lot of people. Strikes do borrow many elements from raids, and that tends to make the entire game a lot more fun for various types of players. This is a lot more interesting and enticing when you have a variety of enemies, and you have to unite your powers to win.

There are some glitches at the time of this writing, so the experience is not perfect. Also, each console (and PC too) has its leaderboards, and they can’t play with another console, which is not the best thing for sure. But overall, it’s understandable why they went this route, even if things could have been a lot better for sure.

The classes are revamped, but a lot of people are disappointed because there’s no new class here. We have to say, adding a new class would be a nice thing for sure, and unfortunately, this is not something you will find in the game.

Yet despite the fact that it doesn’t fully revolutionize the Destiny formula, the sequel is fun to play. It allows you to be defensive or offensive; it has a really good loot and plenty of fun mechanics that you will enjoy. If you love Destiny, you will surely enjoy this quite a lot. And yes, Destiny 2 is great even for people that don’t play shooters often. So, you should consider giving it a shot because even if it has its issues, Destiny 2 is indeed a very good multiplayer shooter!