Gamer's Opinion OnHorizon Zero Dawn Games

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games that make you question about the future and what it may bring to the table. In this game, people are living in tribal communities that live primitive lives. The problem here is that high-tech fossils are ruling the lands and no one is ready to stop them. That is, until the main character named Aloy enters this story.

Aloy is an orphaned outcast, so she did try to learn a lot of stuff to survive. The game does a very good job at telling Aloy’s story, and it manages to offer us some great tools like the Focus and her bow to explore the world, kill enemies and experience this unique story in its way.

A thing to note here is that Horizon Zero Dawn does have a great story, but the only downside is that it can take a lot of time to unravel. It may not seem that much at first, but the more you explore and want to play, the more you will be able to see all of this.

Wherever you go in this world, you will see two themes that battle each other, nature and technology. Yet the thing that stands out the most is that Aloy manages to evolve, she understands what led to this issue, and she tries her best to stop the enemies in front of her.

Horizon Zero Dawn is varied and full of activities. There are always some important quests to consider, but the game is open world, so you are free to roam as you see fit. If you want to level up and eliminate enemies, you are free to do that. Or you can just follow the story if you can.

Her weapon arsenal is pretty basic at first, but it does tend to get better as you play. They did a very good job when it comes to adding more and more stuff later on, such as slingshots that lob explosives, charged bolts, and traps. The game still showcases that humanity lives in a tribe, so using the primitive weapons with a bit of focus on technology does make a lot of sense based on the way this story unfolds.

Rolling and attacking from stealth are great in this game. They do help you a lot later on, where you do need to strategize your approach if you want to win any type of encounter. If you want, you can try to disarm enemies and use your weapons against them. But most of the time, you will find that standard weapons can work very well too.

Graphically, Horizon Zero Dawn looks astonishing, and it manages to deliver a very impressive, fun experience that you can’t find anywhere else. At the same time, characters are nicely created, the world is vibrant, and sounds are really good too. Everything seems to be focused on realism, but the setting as a whole reminds you that anything can become your enemy in no time.

And that’s what I like a lot about Horizon Zero Dawn. This is a game that takes a lot of chances, but it succeeds thanks to the immersive gameplay, wide range of weapons and impressive game world. If you love action games in general and want an interesting perspective on the human future, this may be the best game for you!

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